Friday 18 June 2010

Tree Hut

Tree Hut made completely of wood found in skips within walking distance from my studio. Including a staircase and floorboards from a Victorian house conversion.

Monday 25 May 2009

Trailer for bicycle

Utilising some bike wheels from 2 bicycles that were left abandoned and vandalised. Myself and a friend towed this over 10 miles to Portobello Road Market, full of interesting objects found from a river clean up. (A self-initiated graphic design brief. Please see my portfolio on g-i-l-ly.blogspot for more detail)


Highland Stores on Portobello Road now use the trailer as a display stand for their woollen products.


Close up of the bike. Mud guard and number plate are from a road sign.

University project

The self initiated project that kick-started this blog. All this was made in a week

Tree Hut

There were some 12ft pallets being chucked out at university so I took them back to the garden. Decided to make a raised hut under the trees. The biggest project yet, and all for free.

Temporary pier

This pier was built as a temporary installation to exhibit artwork made from objects found in the river. Using the cross beams 4 large pallets made a strong foundation. Unfortunately this project was never finished due to 'environmental issues'.

An abundance of unwanted wood

Walking to and from university everyday I noticed the huge amount of pallets being thrown at various sites on my short journey. This prompted me to explore the creative possibilities of this free resource and hopefully inspire others to be more created with obsolete items.